The New Universe

New Concepts in Astronomy

The world of astronomy has come face to face with an enigma in the form of something now called “dark matter”.  The intent of this website is the resolution of this mystery, and we shall find that the study of man is a major part of that solution.  The realization of what we really are will open up a whole series of new concepts concerning the universe, the stars, the evolutionary process, and of man.

The information the reader will presently encounter may seen strange and unfamiliar at first because it does not agree with the accepted science of today.  It runs counter to present conventional thinking so the reader must retain an open mind.  Many in the scientific community have too much invested in the present scientific dogma, and will reject it, but those that read the material through will discover that it represents a whole new series of concepts that actually make sense.

The fascinating colors in astronomical photographs as seen above are something quite extraordinary.  These pictures represent a synthesis.  Present imaging techniques will typically employ color filters covering regions of the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectrum.  The finished picture then becomes a composit of multiple images that each see the sky in a different way.

In the same way that red, yellow and blue color images combine to produce a white image the combination of the three color images would still produce a familiar white image.  The images may then be artificially colored to bring out form and structure of what is actually out there.  It is an art form that the ethers are not part of at present.

Because the light outside the visible spectrum has no definable color in our terms, we might wonder what the real color of objects in the UV and IR regions is.  To address this matter we could approach this through the faculty of astral vision that comes via the astral body.

It turns out that scenes will look very much like what we see through the physical eyes.  The astral view will, however, will be enhanced depending upon the development of the viewer.  Color will then be much the same, but vibrant, seemingly alive, and have a breathtaking beauty.