The UFO Question

It seems like forever that the question as to the reality of UFO’s has been in dispute or disrepute.  But, the matter simply does not go away.  Many authors have written about the subject, and even records from ancient cultures have told of beings from the stars that had brought great change to Earth’s early civilizations.

The fact that our government as well as our scientific establishment choses to ignore and disclaim the reality of UFO’s is beginning to mean that they are bigger fools than they would make us out to be.  In short, the recorded presence of alien visitors on our world is as old as the clay tablets that men first wrote upon.  If the issue is that some groups would feel threatened while others might panic, we need to let those groups just get on with the idea, and grow up.

The following information about aliens or extraterrestrials has been gathered from three particular books that I found useful to gain a knowledge of the subject.

1.  The Watchers by Raymond E. Fowler, Bantam Books, 1990, new York City.  This source is principally the experience of one abductee, Betty Ann Luca.  Her story as related through regression hypnosis, is augmented through her artistic tallents so she was able to draw accurate, detailed pictures of what she was actually seeing.  The author, Raymond Fowler was a manager of program planning and scheduling in the defense industry, so he had many contacts that were able to assist him in the preparation of his book.

2.  Passport to the Cosmos by John E. Mack, M.D., Crown Publishers, 1999, New York City.  Dr. Mack was a Harvard University Professor, so he came from the academic world that did not altogether approve of his endeavors.  You can find out more about him at  Professor Mack conducted extensive interviews of persons from all over the world who had experience gained through an abduction, which term he prefers to replace with the word “experiencer”.

3.  Inside the Spaceships by George Adamski, George Adamsky Foundation, 1955, Vista California.  This is an earlier book, and it is clear that Adamski was dealing with a different alien group than was involved with the first book listed.  The second book listed deals with a number of alien species, but does not have much detail on the various spacecraft. The third book has detailed information about the spacecraft of a particular alien group.

There is another book available on line by Jacques Vallee, 1969.  It can be found at < passportmagonia>.  The book Passport to Magonia concerns the history and mythology concerning all manner of alien visitors.  The book is a collection of accounts from a variety of people, and shows how varried the subject can be.  The book will quote sources that are centuries old relating incidents by personal account of encounters with alien visitors, often accompanied with humor.

Alien Abduction is a term with a very negative connotation.  The term “alien” means not from around here.  It could apply to someone from another country or even another planet.  Abduction means to cary off, usually by force, for in this case the person is powerless to help themselves.  The action is usually carried out against their will.  This naturally introduces the element of fear, is often traumatic, but some are willing passengers so the term abduction is subject to qualification.

It is only afterward when the person can review the matter, and then reflect upon the nature of the entire episode, that the event loses its traumatic aspects.  Because the person going through the abduction often receives programming to bury the event in their subconscious, they may have little recollection of the event.  Most of the collected material relating to events as experienced, have been recalled under a regressing form of hypnosis.

Under these circumstances large numbers of abductees remain pretty much in the dark as to what happened.  They know that something happened, but just what is another matter.  With some caught up in a number of abductions there is opportunity to become quite involved with the aliens responsible, and the second book deals with a number of instances of this nature.  This leads to finding a less negative term, and the “abductees” have then been termed “experiencers”.  They are simply experiencing the event.

In short, there is a sizeable group of these persons that have experienced one or more abductions.  Some of these persons have been involved in conferences at which the public was present to some extent, but it is otherwise a more personal matter.  The shared knowledge has been dispersed through lectures as well as the publishing of books, and there should be no doubt that all of this is quite real – at least to people with an open mind.

The Watchers:  This is what these alien beings call themselves, but they are otherwise referred to as “the greys”.  They represent only one species of alien, but they probably represent the majority of these visitors.  They say that despite appearances, they are much like us physiologically, and that they have acted as guardians and caretakers of this planet together with its life forms.  They have been collecting every species and gender of plant or animal for hundreds of years, and have collected the seed of man and woman so that the form would not be lost.

The Watchers mostly have the same appearance and are similarly proportioned.  They exhibit the same bilateral symmetry that we do.  They are curious about the emotions of Earth’s mankind because they do not experience life in the same manner.  The Watchers lack our emotional involvement with life, they live in an entirely mental world.  They are unable to comprehend our unpredictability, nor understand why we engage in the destruction of our environment.

They also say that because they are unable to reproduce their own kind that they have sought help here in this regard, and this becomes an extensive subject in itself.  They emphasize that they would never knowingly harm anyone or anything here.  That said, it is clear that the Watchers are responsible for the abductions that many people have experienced.  In return it would seem that they have undertaken efforts to mitigate effects from various forms of pollution that we have loosed upon ourselves, and which are beginning to affect our survival as a species.

They wear a grey, silver or blue one piece uniform that ends at the neck and wrists.  Each wears a kind of boot.  Their apparel has no laces, buttons or zippers of any kind.  On occasion they wear equipment on a back harness.  Let me present this information as a sort of point list of characteristics.

1.  They are of smaller stature, about 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall.

2.  They typically have a greyish skin color, hence the name.

3.  The head is large, chin is narrow, and they have no hair.

4.  There is only a vestigial nose with two nostrils, virtually holes.

5.  They have a small hole on either side of the head, vestigial ears?

6.  They have a small slit like mouth with no lips.

7.  They have two most extraordinary eyes that do not close or blink.  What is seen may be an outer protective lens.

8.  On each arm they have three pointed appendages instead of the five fingers we have.

9.  There is a female of this species, seldom seen, she is tall and slender.

Next we should relate some of the extraordinary abilities these beings display as well as the interests they have in coming here.

a.  They do not speak, but rather communicate telepathically.  We hear them clairaudiently.

b.  Likewise they “hear” our unspoken thoughts, and respond.

c.  If they sense pain or distress in their abductee they render immediate relief.

d.  They can immobilize us in place.

e.  They have complete control over our minds and actions.

f.  They walk through doors and other solid objects.

g.  They often walk above the ground, and levitate us during movement.

h.  The Startrek activity of “beam me up Scotty” is an actuality although the dematerializing is not part of the process.

i.  They have the ability to appear, disappear, and change form.

j.  They can place an area in a state of suspended animation to cloak their presence.

k.  They have shown exceptional interest in sexual and reproductive matters.

What does this tell us?

At this point we need to begin to analyze what these various facts reveal about the Watchers because this represents a bridge of understanding to the entire alien presence we must deal with.  We can do this based upon information in the Bailey books, which is also to say Theosophical literature, for both relate the same information.

First, we should note the Watchers ability to walk through doors and other solid objects.  This ability has been noted in various records far back in time.  The being is seen to disappear, then reappear with a jerky motion, and leave a “vapory wake”.  It is ordinarily impossible for this to happen unless the being is basically etheric in their body makeup.

When they through some action lower their vibrational level, the surrounding air molecules will precipitate or adhere to the etheric substance rendering it visible.  It would appear, however, that their even being in our atmosphere would usually lead to this action.  When that being then walks through the solid door the air molecules are swept off when meeting the solid object while the etheric body passes through the door.  It happens.  People who have touched the body of a Watcher say it is like touching a very soft pillow, it is barely perceptible.

Second, we should note that these beings are still involved in a birth process just like we are.  Therefore they are still residents of the three lower worlds just like we are.  They have not passed the evolutionary milestone where they are no longer subject to the process of rebirth or reincarnation.

Given these two points, the Watchers must come from an etheric planet where the lowest matter state would be the 4th physical ether.  The nearby world of Vulcan is the only etheric planet mentioned in the Bailey books, but it is possible that there are others that we do not know about.  We can observe that the Watchers are well beyond us in evolutionary terms, and Bailey does state that Vulcan is ahead of us in an evolutionary sense.  Add to this point that in our case the physical body acts like a suit of armor weighing us down, and blocking the sensing of subtle energies throughout our body.

Thirdly, we should take note of their statement that they are physiologically much like us.  Well, we are air breathing creatures, and cannot survive without an Oxygen supply.  Yet these Watchers exist in our atmosphere as though they were quite accustomed to living like this on their own planet.  My supposition in this case is that our atmosphere of mostly Nitrogen and Oxygen also has the etheric equivalents present, and this is what the Watchers use for their own metabolism.

If you consult the book Occult Chemistry as mentioned elsewhere, on page 10 you will find the etheric equivalents for both Nitrogen and Oxygen.  They are no longer single particles, but then we know nothing of Watcher physiological functioning, and how the particles would be used in Watcher metabolic processes.

There is yet another point that should be noted.  The woman (Betty Ann) in the first book is communicating with these Watchers who are from another planet.  She is thinking in English and they are responding in English….?  On the surface this sounds strange and unlikely.  What is actually happening is that they are all thinking in what is called Sensa, the universal language of the subjective worlds.  In our astral form at night we must use this faculty so we are not strangers to this mode of communication.

The Reproductive Aspect is one of the most apparent and disturbing aspects connected with the whole alien abduction business.  Yes, it has all the earmarks of a business.  The Watchers have admitted that they have a motive here, and that their species is unable to reproduce itself.  The female of their species is not able to accept implantation or bear children.  So, while they do employ invitro fertilization techniques, they must find a surrogate to start the gestational process, which is where we come into the picture.

Apparently Earth women have been employed as surrogates for quite a long time.  Alien embryo’s are implanted into Earth mothers for perhaps 2 – 3 months after which they are removed, and transferred to an alien nursery artificial womb where they are brought to term.  There is an extensive description in the book first enumerated at the beginning.  Interestingly, the removal of the embryo is apparently done through an etheric operation in which no incisions are made.  This brings to mind the psychic healers in the Philippines that operate within the body in the same manner.

The amazing thing is that the zygote that is formed from an etheric man and woman from another planet may be implanted into a dense physical Earth female, and that female develops all the body changes associated with a normal pregnancy.  Everything proceeds normally for a while, then suddenly the woman is no longer pregnant – because she had been abducted and the fetus removed.  And also, perhaps no one was aware of the abduction.

The subject does not end there because the Watchers have been involved in an extensive program to develop hybrid species.  This may not only resolve their own problem, but also ours for the reason that the Earth’s population is increasingly likely to find itself in a similar situation where we as well as animals are unable to reproduce our own kind.

If we travel too far down this road we might reach a point where our form nature would have been totally compromised.  In that event the whole life process would seemingly have to start over, and everything be reduced to the level of the mineral kingdom. The Earth would have to remain dormant for a long time to allow the levels of pollution to abate before the life process could be reestablished.  This would probably constitute a systemic failure, and much would be done to avoid this eventuality.

If you think all this is absurd, I must tell you it is not.  The aspect of pollution in the form of herbicides as well as genetically engineered (GMO) crops has completely turned the matter upside down.  Tests in Europe have shown that small animals such as Hamsters can become sterile in three generations when fed (GMO) products.  The problem has already extended to larger animals such as pigs and cattle, and they are fed corn, not soybeans.  For details you can check out Jeffrey Smith in the Huffington Post, 4/20/2010.  This problem has been around for years, but vested interests have been able to keep it quiet.  Anything for a profit.

Life as a Triad will be quite different for we humans that live our lives in the three lower worlds, and are very limited in our perspective due to the constraints of our sensory apparatus.  We are even unable to see or sense the real us that exists in the etheric.  As we proceed along the evolutionary path our various bodies are progressively refined and rebuilt with substance that is able to process more information from the subjective worlds.

As a Triad, we will still maintain the three fold nature of our present condition, only we will no longer be subject to the law of rebirth.  It will be the “everlasting life” as related in the Bible.  As a Triad we will have all the abilities that we have mentioned that the alien Watchers possess.  Our future existence would be something like this:

a.  We will find that telepathy is natural in the conduct of our life.

b.  As a triad we will have three new bodies of consciousness on three higher planes.  All of our bodies will be constructed of etheric matter, and initially our consciousness will be centered on the buddhic plane.

c.  We will be clairvoyant and clairsentient thereby opening a certain knowing of past and future.

d.  We may appear and disappear to less developed beings on the physical plane at our discretion, as well as change our appearance to what seems suitable.

e.  We will exist in an etheric world that exists sometimes in close relation to our dense physical plane world.  Generally, however, beings who have advanced to this level will usually remove themselves to some more remote location because of their heightened senses.  The sensitive nature of the triad make living within a society such as ours unpleasant due to their advanced awareness.

The Saucer Spacecraft:  What could be more natural than for etheric beings to move about in etheric spaceships.  We see these spaceships just as we see the beings that travel in them, and we see them because they move about in the same atmosphere.  As they operate they may go into operational modes that render them invisible, but they are all comprised of etheric substance.  We know for certain that they are etheric in their construction for the simple reason that the maneuvers they are observed to go through would tear apart any vehicle built of dense physical matter.

The Venusian Scout Ship is somewhat conical in shape with a skirt like flange that essentially allows it to sit on the ground.  The cabin is ‘can shaped’ which affects the outside contours of the craft.  There are three hemispherical shapes on the underside that are part of the crafts operating system, and these can be used as landing supports.  The entrance to the craft then is just a step up from ground level.  They are about 12 feet in height, and maybe 28 feet in diameter.  A notable feature both inside and out is the lighting and color that is possibly associated with operation.

They also employ larger Mother ships that come into our upper atmosphere.  One such craft encountered was about 300 feet in diameter, and about 2000 feet long, so it has been been described as more cigar shaped.  There is an extensive description in the Adamski book covering many details concerning this craft.

On the other hand, the saucers that are employed by the Watchers are shaped like a discus, so there is as much above as below the centerline.  They employ struts that support the craft when landed, and which are retracted when in flight.  Descriptive material relates that a variety of different sizes and functional capabilities exist for these alien spacecraft.

Description of flight in a saucer by a human in their physical body has been related in the first book referenced.  Such an occasion was described in this way.  The person is positioned facing forward and upright in a device like a form fitted casket (no top).  There is full body support of head, neck, and even down to the fingers, as well as a saddle like seat that the legs straddle.  While the person can feel the powerful acceleration forces on their body, it is noted that alien attendants having no support, standby unaffected by the acceleration.

On the other hand, the spacecraft as described in the Abramski book are rather different. About the Abramski book, while it sounds right, there are some curious and puzzling aspects.  It seems clear that Adamski is dealing with beings that have evolved into triads.  It would also seem likely that Abramski was mostly in his astral body as he was unaffected by acceleration of the craft.    The aliens he was with appear to come from various planets, and are no longer part of the evolutionary process of any particular planet.  They must exist normally in an etheric state, but the substance of his book seems to have been adapted to the acceptance level of the times he lived in.