Voyage Into the Etheric

THE CLAIRVOYANT APPROACH:  Our science has not been able to come to terms with the subject of clairvoyance.  It is apparently something that is taboo.  A few scientists and investigators have taken the time to discover its potential, and verify its accuracy and qualities.  They have accordingly reported their findings, but it has not aroused much serious interest – which is sad.

This essay will relate detail and organize what has been available for a century and more in an effort to present that information in a new light.  It would be useful, however, to detail briefly the various “paranormal” visual processes available to man because that is the only entry into these hidden worlds at present.

What is Etheric Vision:  This is the ability whereby man is able to see matter states of the 3rd and 4th ether through the physical eyes.  There are degrees of this ability, and it is found in very few people, less than 1% of the population.  In turn, very few of these are able to reach the higher levels of what may be apprehended through its capabilities.  It is all a matter of training.  In advanced levels, forms and various objects become transparent, one may see through walls and even earth to some degree.  What is then seen becomes a function of the directed consciousness, the focus of the mind.  There is also a completely new perception of color.

What is Astral Vision:  Astral vision is a gift by which the person is seeing via the sensory system of the astral body rather than the physical eyes.  While this faculty is normally blocked for most people, the sensory input from the astral body would enter the usual visual channels and into the brain.  So, the view in this case appears largely the same.  Initially what is seen via the astral body is color, and the astral plane is viewed superimposed upon the normal visual image if the eyes are open.  The name for the color display is the aura, and it represents a visual display of the persons moods and emotions.

It is also interesting to note that there are no specific parts of the body associated with particular senses.  It is the entire astral body that is the sensor because it is unformed.

Astral vision in advanced stages allows interior views of objects, auras, and extends even to thoughts and conversations.  Astral matter has within its nature the ability to conduct information through a line of sight space.  It may be experienced from a waking state, a trance state or from a projected state out of the body.  A main difference between (enhanced) etheric and astral vision may be expressed in what is seen viewing a cube.  Etheric vision will see only the front and rear surfaces while astral sight sees all four sides equally. (Ref. 6, p-100)

What is Clairvoyance:  This is a much more rare gift that does not employ the physical eyes.  Rather it employs the “third eye”, the eye of the soul.  It is among the gifts eagerly sought by shaman’s and yogi’s throughout history.  The third eye is located on the forehead above the bridge of the nose.  We do not see that eye because it is formed out of etheric matter.  It consists of a small tube issuing from the center of the brow chakra with the “eye” as a lens on the tip.  This etheric eye is controlled through the mind which directs its activities, and one feature of interest in this case are the zoom qualities it possesses. It is in this case capable of viewing smaller and still smaller objects, or objects at a distance.  Through this clairvoyant approach a broad base of information is available to the viewer since the consciousness of the soul is present, and questions posed in mind are answered.  All the attributes of astral and etheric vision are present in true clairvoyance.

Gifts of Enhanced Vision:  There are some distinct differences between etheric and astral vision.  To quote a veteran astral traveler, Mr. C.W. Leadbeater, using an advanced form of the gift:

“If you look at the back of a watch etherically you see all the wheels through it, and the face through them, but backwards.  If you look at it astrally, you see the face right way up, and all the wheels lying separately, but nothing on top of anything else.”

If you ponder just what that is all about, and think what the average man in the street would think seeing the world in those terms, you would probably be thankful that most human beings don’t have to deal with any of that.  The bars have their drunks, a few of which may be unable to cope with the denizens of the astral world, and the rest could be in mental institutions.  Those who are ready and work at it, gradually find that an incredible world exists around them.  It is the mind directing the focus of attention that straightens everything out, but before a person is ready such gifts are a danger.

Babbit’s Atom:  The utilization of clairvoyance for an investigation into the nature of etheric matter is a fascinating study.  Going into Google to search for Babbit’s Atom brings up a vast amount of background information on Theosophy and the “Occult Chemists”.  A very useful website that contains a wealth of information is actually, so it has the stamp of our academic/scientific establishment on it.  Much of the information on this website is drawn from Theosophical sources, so there is a serious effort toward a first hand elaboration of the facts.

Babbit's Atom

Structural details of the spirilla that are the coils of DNA.

It is stated up front, however, that the purpose of the website is to… “provide science students an important lesson on the nature of scientific proof…  The scientific requirement is that experiments need to be repeatable to establish authenticity.”  On the surface that sounds reasonable and logical, but it must be recognized that probably only one person out of a million is capable of attaining a state of clairvoyance as is here required.  So as a guess, only 300 persons in this country of 300 million would be capable of attempting verification of this experiment, so first you have to go looking for them.

Clairvoyance is an earned gift.  It is only attainable by persons that have achieved a certain level in their evolutionary development.  It does not depend upon how many degrees you have or your position at a university.  Normally the gift is employed in viewing the entire body, but with practice and technique at least a few have lowered that field of view to the cellular and even viral level (Ref. 2, p-163).  It should be evident that a viewer in visiting such submicroscopic realms must have to puzzle out just what it is they are actually looking at.  This is what makes the work of the Theosophists of a century ago even more incredible.

Interestingly though, these theosophists had access to many ancient Sanskrit texts that already described much of what the occult chemists were able to observe, including the primary particle of the 1st ether.  Other persons in the world of today have related the experience of their own investigations in the literature.  Once it is accepted that such clairvoyant journeys are possible, we should at least accept the work of the early theosophists as plausible.  By doing so we will clear up much uncertainty about the mysterious “dark matter” that is so prevalent.  Clairvoyance should be able to coexist with all the other theories that one finds in the field of astronomy that seem to be accepted as gospel.

Concerning the gift of clairvoyance, it has been noted that initially Bishop Leadbeater had no clairvoyant abilities, but that through instruction and meditation he brought the faculty into use.  He was subsequently able to pass this instruction to Mrs. Besant so that she could provide corroboration of the information gathered.  They also had an Indian man, Jinarajadasa, who worked as their associate.  He took verbatim notes and helped to organize and analyze the information gathered, but he was unable to attain any clairvoyant abilities.

In the first chapter of the 1919 edition of Occult Chemistry, the editor A.P. Sinnett gave a description of the events surrounding the beginning of this work.  His was more of an idle question that prompted one of the more incredible journeys into the occult worlds.  Why occult?  It is only occult because we do not understand it, and likely cannot experience it ourselves.  In any event, when we are ready, and with the right teacher, many things become possible.  In that manner the occult becomes our experience, and no longer occult.  A large collection of Theosophical literature including the Leadbeater book Clairvoyance may also be accessed on line at

Coauthor Annie Besant was President of the Theosophical Society at the time the experiments were undertaken.  She had also in earlier years been a student at London University, and was familiar with chemical laboratory procedures as well as scientific research as it was in the latter part of the 19th century.  I am unaware of any efforts to duplicate their work.

Structure of Etheric Matter:  The Hydrogen atom nucleus, a proton, is comprised of six particles within an egg shaped wall, a forcefield possessed by the entity that is that form. Each of these six particles is called a Triad, and each in turn is comprised of three particles of the 1st ether.  The triads are found in two particle configurations, in a triangular arrangement, and with the three primary particles in a line.

The 4th Ether:  The Hydrogen nucleus in making a change to the 4th ether splits into two particles, each consisting of three triads.  One particle (termed positive) contains two triads having the inline configuration, and one triad having the triangular form.  The second particle has three triangular triads, and is termed negative.  So, with the two separate particles we still have the same number of 1st ether particles as does the Hydrogen nucleus.

The 3rd Ether:  A further transition into the 3rd ether state still finds two different particle configurations.  Each contains two triads within an outer wall, and again may be viewed as positive and negative.  The particle containing the two inline triads is recognized as positive, also as indicated by the observed energy flow patterns.  The negative particle consists of two triangular shaped triads.

The 2nd Ether:  A transition from the 3rd ether into the 2nd ether now only finds one triad in each form.  Now, for the positive particle there are apparently two configurations while in the negative there is only one.  Again, the positive and negative terminology does not imply a charge in the conventional sense, but more in the sense of male and female as well as the perceived energy flow patterns.

The 1st Ether:  This is the primary particle of the ethers.  This is the primary particle of everything.  Again there are two forms of this primary particle, and each has a most remarkable structure.  They are mirror images constructed of strands that have been termed “whorls” depending upon the degree of detail perceived.  They are wound coil-like into a roughly heart shaped form, and the strands double back upon themselves to pass internally through the form.  There are three main strands and seven minor strands that form the structure.  The numbers three and seven tell us there are a spectrum of energies involved with the activities of this particle.  The particle of the 1st ether rotates on its axis, nutates like a top, vibrates, and pulsates like a beating heart.

The two forms of the 1st ether are seen to be wound opposite hand, the right hand configuration being positive, and the left hand negative. Clairvoyantly, energy is perceived to flow in through the top of the positive particle, and out through the bottom into the world.

Positive (left) and negative forms of the 1st ether

The authors of this early clairvoyant work in speaking of the Hydrogen nucleus described the rapid rotation on its axis accompanied by vibrations of the entire structure while the internal bodies performed similar gyrations.  So we understand that the same forces that act upon molecular structures thereby producing the rotational, translational, and vibrational motions also act upon the various sub-atomic particles thereby causing the same activities.  We could presume that similar spectra are produced as a function of these motions, but the spectra produced seemingly fall much above the ranges of current instrumentation.

The Matter Aspect:  The first ether, the most basic particle, represents the primary, ultimate form of the matter aspect.  Like bricks employed to build a house, these bricks are the construction material for the entire matter aspect throughout the entire universe.  Thus, no matter how large the house (or atom) becomes, it is still built with the same bricks, just more of them.

We might contemplate the nature of this ultimate particle as part of the cohesive mechanism that holds all forms together, and that the particle form itself becomes the means for the life essence to attach itself to the matter aspect.

Also, we could probably assume that in the same way the physical atoms we know tend to pair, thus forming diatomic molecules such as H₂,N₂, and O₂, that the ethers similarly form pairs when in their ground state.  Thus the 4th ether would pair the two 3 triad particles, the 3rd ether would pair the two 2 triad particles, the 2nd ether would pair the two single triad particles, while the 1st ether would pair the positive form to the negative.

This basic form of the first ether appears throughout creation, first as the primary particle of all matter, but then we see it throughout our material world.  If we scale up from from the 1st ether particle form we have what are termed “permanent atoms”.  These are etheric structures found with the same heart shaped form.  We are told quite a bit about the permanent atom (Ref. 1, p-1065).  For example every human being has three permanent atoms within the upper part of the causal body of the soul, the egg shaped enclosure for our entire package of bodies.  We could take them as the etheric equivalent of the human genome.  Actually they are more than our genetic heritage of that particular plane.  They are also the collective sum of all our lives, our point of evolutionary attainment.

Permanent atoms are almost always found on the first sub-plane of every plane, the highest energy level of that plane.  In human terms they record everything about us.  They function like an old style floppy disc that retains the record of the previous life, and so provides a platform or blueprint for the soul to build a vehicle for the next life.  Three bodies, three planes, and three different permanent atoms.

This form can also be found as a basic model for physical structures in our physical world, and we know that they always have an etheric template.  Seemingly they work through an underlying etheric network existing throughout the body, and that is what makes the subject of vaults so interesting.  Science Magazine in publishing a news article writes about vaults, and there is a paper by Tanaka on this topic in the same issue.  The news clip as well as an illustration from the Tanaka paper are shown below.

You can get a better idea of the construction by examining the previous illustration of Babbit’s Atom.  A glance at this drawing of a permanent atom and one is immediately reminded of the structure of DNA that would be represented by the fine structure of the spirillae.  These constitute the inner coils that in turn become the winding of the outer coils of the permanent atom.

The paper by Tanaka mentioned in Science Magazine includes a figure of a Rat liver vault that is shown below.  While the outer form nature is present in the figure, the internal structure of the vault will likely differ completely from the form of a Permanent Atom.

The Rat Liver Vault

Working at these concepts from the angle of a modern textbook that a student might meet in school we have something like the figure below.

Coils within coils

Life In Our Solar System:  We are not the only human beings in this system, in fact there are some 60 billion of us.  Our Earth scheme is presently home to about seven billion on the physical plane in incarnation, while at least twice that number inhabit our astral worlds.  So, where are the other 40 billion?

We are the 4th chain out of seven that are involved with this evolutionary phase of our system, and there are a number of planets that are in various stages of development of the human kingdom.  We are told quite a bit in Reference (1) about what is happening with respect to our neighboring worlds, although the information must be pieced together.  What follows principally involves the terrestrial planets of our system, that are near to the Sun.

Venus is the most advanced planet in the system.  It is presently in the course of its 5th and final round or world period.  The human inhabitants are very advanced, and many are what we would term Bodhisattvas or Buddhas.  They exist in bodies of etheric matter on the buddhic plane or above.  The extreme environmental conditions found on the planet surface have no effect on the inhabitants who live in their own etheric world.  At the end of this Venusian world period the planet will enter obscuration, many inhabitants and other life forms will be withdrawn to the new Venusian  astral world, and the present physical world we see in our sky will become a shell.  As such it will be released from its orbit.

Mercury also has an advanced human civilization.  While the planet is presently in a state of pralaya, at some point in the future it will emerge from pralaya to commence its 5th and final world period.  So, the Mercurian world is a bit behind Venus, but these two are the most advanced in our system.  Both will complete their evolutionary journey in five world periods.  All other planets will take a full seven world periods to complete their full evolution.  Since Mercury, as a physical world, has a surface temperature about that of molten lead, the human population must always have existed in etheric states.

The Moon Chain was the 3rd chain of this system, and at some point perhaps a few hundred million years ago it became a “failed chain”.  So, while it entered this second system as a planet, it has ended up in Earth orbit as our Moon.  The evolutionary process on the Moon Chain was a lengthly natural one, not like on Venus and Earth where artificial stimulation of the evolutionary process has been employed.  This artificial stimulation  is termed initiation, and it results in a speeding up of the evolutionary process.  When the life process was brought into our planet from the Moon Chain some very advanced beings came into our world.  Only one example of this advanced humanity has been revealed, an entity we know as the Lord Gautama Buddha.  It was he that was the overshadowing presence in the life of Prince Siddaratha, the founder of the buddhist teaching.

Vulcan is a planet built in matter of the 4th ether.  This etheric planet orbits the Sun at a point inside the orbit of Mercury.  It is home to a civilization somewhat ahead of us on the evolutionary path.  Where we have progressed 1/5th of the way to the next goal, the Vulcans have progressed 2/5ths of the way.  Few other details about Vulcan have been revealed.  During the 19th century in the period from 1850 to 1870 there was feverish activity in the astronomical world to be the first to discover the new planet Vulcan.  Names such as LaPlace and Leverrier were involved with this effort that was eventually abandoned.

Earth is another of the terrestrial planets that are relatively close to the Sun.  These planets are characterized by having a solid mantle, and indications so far are that they were all formed about the same time.  They are undergoing a sequential evolution that has a lot of overlap.  More concerning the human evolutionary process is covered in other parts of this website under the “Races of Man” for example.

Mars is the next planet to undergo development of the human kingdom.  Currently it is in a state of pralaya, but in its next world period it will see new developments.  Since we have already seen evidence that there has been flowing water on the planet surface we can be assured that it will host a physical plane life drama like here.

Jupiter is mentioned as a planet still to undergo development of a human kingdom.  This will not happen in a dense physical state as we have, but rather it will be in matter of the 4th ether.  Since Jupiter is a large gas planet, and rather far from the Sun, it will be a different kind of development.

The Outer Planets of our system are the gas planets Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.  These were the first planets formed in the system, and they will be the last ones to exist.  Only after the terrestrial planets have completed their full evolutionary cycle will these outer planets undergo their evolutionary development.  From this present point in time the planets of our system will slowly decrease in number until only these three synthesizing planets remain.  What this last evolutionary phase involves has not been revealed.

Pluto is the outermost planet of our system.  Because of its small size some have proposed a downgrading, but it does show up in astrological charts.  It is not mentioned as a planet involved with systemic evolution.

Schemes and Chains:  We might ask what these terms involve with regard to a solar system.  What actually is a “chain” , and how does it relate to a scheme?  We might start by noting that man progresses through essentially the same process. All human beings subject to the Law of Rebirth are actually involved in the seven stages that involve first form construction, and finally form resolution (death).  The soul, not faced with the same problems of construction as the Logos is able to combine the different phases into a simpler task.  The Planetary Logos, on the other hand, must bring into existence a much more complex entity, our Earth.

That entire process actually proceeds in seven distinct stages which is why it is called a chain.  It begins with the formation of the thought form  in matter of the abstract mental plane.  The next phase is the formation of the mental body on the framework of the thought form.  In the next phase the construction of the astral body proceeds, again on the framework of the previous phases.  The Logos, in contrast to the soul, is building an entire living world so he cannot cut corners, he must take it a step at a time, and each of these phases must have a pause or rest between building periods.

So, a planetary scheme has bodies we call globes, and these bodies are all concentric and interpenetrating, just like our series of bodies.  It should be noted that only one of these globes is objective or material.  All other globes are subjective as they are built only in etheric matter.  We have traveled far enough along this track, and the nature as well as the extent of the etheric worlds should be apparent.